With“draw” through Drawing

I have often reflected on the idea that the world is set up to distract us from ourselves. We have our "to do" lists, places to be, our obligations and problems, and people who rely on us. All of that is a natural part of life, running at an ever-increasing speed as the 21st century progresses.

Most people find it difficult to withdraw from the material world into the inner world of the mind and spirit. When we do, we discover a universe. Drawing does this for me, and I have become a proselytizer for time well-spent with my eyes, paper and a drawing implement. Capturing detail takes patience. overcoming self-criticism in the process takes patience. As we observe, our eyes uncover greater and greater detail and uniqueness. our being melds with the subject as we translate the form through our eyes into our hand and onto the paper. A sense of wonderment rises. A feeling of amazement at the complexity of Creation seizes us. This is what drawing can do. It is pure meditation. It is a spiritual act and for me, a form of worship. Through drawing, we can become totally present in the moment, and at one with the universe.

"Stones." Denise Laurin-Donatelle. Graphite on Paper. 2020.

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