Why Draw?

The other day while reading Artist's Magazine's special edition, “The Best of Drawing,” I felt inspired to verbalize why drawing is so important to me as a regular practice.

Visual “Scales”: My husband is a classically trained musician and I watched him do scales everyday whether he was performing or not. I studied ballet for over three decades, and a dancer wouldn't dream of leaping and whirling around without the discipline of a warm-up. I like to think of drawing as my visual art “scales,” especially with regard to recognizing and interpreting values.

Reaching Goals: Drawing everyday or regularly, even for fifteen minutes, helps me solve visual problems, try new approaches and advance in my skills. As a very young artist, I always wanted to draw well. Drawing refines my powers of observation and hones my skills in understanding anatomy and proportion.

To Experience Joy: There is a meditative quality to drawing which helps block all thoughts and daily concerns. This activity can be a real help during a pandemic. As we look deeply into a face or a flower, we can experience wonder and awe about our universe and creation. I can't help but feel grateful and astonished.

Why do you draw? Or conversely, why don't you draw???

Ceramic Skull found at Pompeii. Denise Laurin-Donatelle. Graphite Drawing on Paper. 2020.

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