What Can We Learn from Bunnies?

Over the past few months, I have begun exploring animals as subjects for drawing, partly because I was teaching a course on "Drawing Animals," but also for my own enjoyment. That's what led me to partner with Peacebunny Island, Inc. to create a two-part workshop on drawing bunnies at their education center in Savage, Minnesota this past July. This was a special treat because we had actual bunnies to observe and learn from. Seeing the texture of bunny fur made it easier to understand how to draw it. Being able to observe their eyes up close helped us to breathe more life into our drawings of bunny faces. Beyond making observations from life, the bunnies had so much to teach us about slowing down and being one with nature. The studies I made of bunny anatomy, fur textures, and form were exciting to learn and teach, but the absolute BEST part of the workshop was "hanging" with the bunnies. Above all, getting into the peaceful quality of "bunny energy" did me and my drawing a world of good.

For more information on Peacebunny Island, go to: For your own copy of the tutorials from the workshop, go to:

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