Overcome the Inner Critic

I don't know if Henri Fuseli intended to visualize his own demons in this 1781 painting titled "Nightmare," but he certainly captured the immobilizing force of our own negative self-talk.

What does your inner critic look like? How does it sabotage your creativity?

Visualizing these voices, I did a series of small black and white acrylic paintings featuring two Catholic nuns, a dominatrix, and a very creepy face that had appeared to me in a dream with large black diamond shapes around the eyes.

ACTION: Challenge yourself to visualize the negative voices in your mind on paper or canvas. There's probably more than one saboteur at work! Sketch or paint the images that come to you. They will probably surprise you!

Then, sit quietly with the image. Have a conversation with it. Ask it how long it has been with you and what purpose it serves. At the end of the exercise, you will have accessed compassion and understanding for this "being," and in so doing you will neutralize its effects on your daily life and your art.

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