Manifest Your Dreams

Recently, I began a 21-day reiki ritual for manifesting what I want to bring into my life. To begin, you must be very clear about what you really want. If you have ever tried committing to words those fleeting desires that run through the mind, you already know how difficult this can be. Once you have clearly stated your desires, manifesting them can be as easy as lighting a candle in a clear crystal bowl filled with pure water for 21 days and envisioning yourself receiving all that you desire.

Therein lies the rub... precisely expressing our dreams in words can be very challenging, however, it is vital to achieving the life we wish to live. During the timeframe of the ritual, I experienced an intensely real dream of Beyoncé, the ultimate contemporary Diva, who wanted me to paint her and promised to connect me with galleries to sell my work. The next morning, I found this enchanting goddess-like image of her which I have kept on my desktop as a reminder that magic happens, and dreams do come true.

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