Living Creatively: The Luminous Mind

Recently, I had the pleasure and privilege to mentor young artists as part of the Self-Employment in the Arts Conference in Chicago. The mission of SEA is to provide educational resources to help emerging creatives gain the entrepreneurial knowledge and skills needed to establish and maintain a career as an independent artist. Besides the practical matters of writing for artists, how to get clients, and what to charge, there is another, more critical skill I included in my communications to the participants in this conference. It's the ability to cultivate inner luminosity, and I believe artists of all ages must prioritize it if they are to live their dreams.

Luminosity develops out of the life-long process of knowing and accepting ourselves completely, even with all our problems and limitations. It is a by-product of self-reflection, meditation, spiritual pursuits, and the overcoming of fear.

At the conference, there was a lot of discussion about attaining security, and how being an artist can be fraught with insecurity. Being on the luminosity path makes us realize that security is an illusion, that we live on a planet with a molten core spinning somewhere in an undefined universe. So, we might as well pursue our passions, because the key to security is being able to connect to the “spiritual gulf stream,” as author Marianne Williamson refers to it. Being connected in this way provides the groundwork for material manifestation of our dreams.

Begin by examining your thoughts and beliefs. If you have a conscious or subconscious belief that you "aren't good enough," for example, your path will be marked by experiences that demonstrate what you believe. If instead, you tell yourself, “I have everything I need to continue to learn and be successful at what I want to do," you are on your way to cultivating a luminous mind. Negative internal energy is culpable... people can feel it. The self-worth of the luminous mind promotes creativity and opens many doors.

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