Living Creatively: Divine Intimacy

I like to think of my creativity as my connection to the Divine Source. Creativity as Divine Intimacy flows through us and is bigger than we are, and calls us from our place of comfort to grow and expand as individuals. My artistic work is my soul work. I think of it as a vocation, something I must do. As artists, we are called to show others a new or different way of seeing the world, and/or experiencing beauty and truth.

When I am in sync with this Divine Energy, I am happy, balanced, and doing my best work. The work flows from my higher self. The earthbound part of my nature is silenced: the striving, the comparison with others, the “art devils” who whisper “you are not good enough.” These voices attempt to keep us from communion with the Divine, keep us from becoming expansive, from discovering and living in our higher selves.

Equally important to my artistic vocation is my mission to help others follow their creative paths, and overcome the obstacles to making art through teaching and mentoring.

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