Live Creatively-Make Art Not War!

In my younger days, I truly believed there would be no more wars. I grew up in the post-WWII decades, and even with the Viet Nam War raging, I still believed it was possible. My military strategy, had you asked me during my 20s, was to arm opposing forces with banana cream pies. Imagine my surprise when the Gulf War broke out, followed in the 2000s by Afghanistan and Iraq. Today, our country is divided, and to transcend clashes between fellow Americans, I make art. It brings me peace. If everyone created art, played a musical instrument, wrote literature, or danced, there would be no time for conflict. So my message today is "Make Art Not War!"

Tempted to respond to an opinion you don't agree with on Facebook? That's easy. Devote the time and energy it would have taken to being creative in some way. You'll find art is a great channel for feelings of anger and frustration. For a daily reminder, have a cup of your favorite warm beverage in this mug. It is available at

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