Get Your Art Mojo Workin'

For over twenty years I did not pick up a brush to paint or do much academic-style drawing. My fondest wish as a young artist was to draw beautifully and paint in oils. My second professional desire was to become a graphic designer. I thought this path was the best way to combine my interest in art and earn a living. I could always do fine art on the side.

Be careful what you wish for...because my dream of being a designer came true. I always intended to go back to my first love...fine art, but life got busy. Who could have predicted that changes in technology would require me to spend endless hours learning computer programs instead of having the free time to pursue fine art?

Does this scenario seem familiar? Have you gotten away from making art? I finally got back to honing my artistic skills under the guidance of some very fine teachers. It's not too late, and you can achieve your artistic goals, too.

Action: Pick it back up again! Take a class! Get an art mentor! With the risk of being blatantly self-promoting...register for a "Living Creatively" drawing, painting or mentoring session today. Get your art mojo back in action.

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