Get Unstuck and Expand Your Creativity Using the Mind-mapping Method

Mind-mapping is a visual alternative to list-making. It engages both the left and ride sides of the brain. I first encountered the concept of mind-mapping through the book, "How to Think Like Leonardo daVinci" by Michael J. Gelb. Through this method, you can generate more ideas than you ever thought possible. I've used this method in college-level art history courses to get students stimulated to go further, dig deeper and be more curious. But artists can utilize the mind map to stimulate compositional ideas, compose music, or choreograph a dance, or develop a novel.

Making a "Mind Map" is easy. Decide on a topic (for example, My Novel) create a drawing in the center of a large sheet of paper of your topic and then draw and write all of the connections you make. Be sure to have plenty of colored markers, crayons and pens. You will be amazed at how your mind map grows.

The mind map pictured here (designed by Paul Foreman) indicates the links that can be made in a mind-mapping adventure. As demonstrated, the mind map utilizes words and pictures. It can be set up as a diagram, or as a collage. The choice is up to the mind-cartographer! For more information about mindmapping, go to Mr. Foreman's website:

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