Embrace Solitude

Heading into the holidays, I find it curious that I am yearning for solitude. The holidays are a time of celebration with friends and loved ones, and I am blessed by being surrounded by many. Yet, as I embrace my artistic nature, I realize more and more how important honoring solitude is to the creative process.

The Tao Ti Ching tells us:

Ordinary people hate solitude.

But the Master makes use of it,

Embracing her aloneness, realizing

She is one with the whole universe.

In a culture filled with distractions, we must go out of our way to find solitude and practice it. Most people never manifest the artist within, so our desire to be alone can lead to misunderstanding, as anyone without an artistic vocation couldn't possibly understand how important solitude is to the creative process.

So, today, I am asking myself, and all of you, to avoid getting so distracted by the holiday rush that we don't take time to hear the inner silence.

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