Creative Block: 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Unstuck

When creativity is flowing, we feel in the groove, ideas seem to arise effortlessly, and time stands still.

The best way to unblock our creativity, whether we write, draw, dance, play music, or solve problems for business is to regain a sense of wonderment. Here are my favorite ways:

1) Go to the library…browse the stacks; look through magazines. Many libraries have reopened with safety precautions in place.

2) Take a walk in nature. Bring your camera if you like to take pictures.

3) Spend a maximum of 10-15 minutes on Pinterest; create a board for things you like.

4) Play! Make a ten-minute collage or color in an adult coloring book.

5) Spend time with a toddler if you know one!

6) Journal at least three pages when you wake up. By page three, you will have an idea of why you’re blocked.

7) Dance alone in your living room to your favorite music whether its Motown, Hip-hop or Tchaikovsky. Nobody's watching, so let go!

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