Learn to Draw

Have you longed to express your artistic side? Do you have great ideas but not the skill to execute them?

Everyone loves to paint and draw as very young children. As we grow up, we become aware and begin to compare our abilities with others. If we don't measure up, we quit. It's true, some children are blessed with a natural ability, but everyone can draw... and learn to draw more accurately... with a skill-based classical approach. Consider the example below by the same student before and after instruction. Do you recognize the subject? It is a young Marlon Brando. You can see the difference instruction makes!


"Marlon Brando," Student Work, 16-years old, graphite on paper. This is the work of the same student before and after the Grid Drawing module.


What makes sessions at
Living Creatively Different?

First and foremost is our commitment to teaching academic classical Realism skills

An individual approach that considers your level, your goals, and your interests.

Encouragement and a safe place to learn.

Added insight of an artist who is also an art historian.

The experience of an artist who has worked as a creative professional her entire life and who is eager to share her knowledge with you!

"In addition to portraiture, students can learn step-by-step to draw a variety of subjects including transparent, metallic, and organic objects.

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