Participants at a workshop on constructing traditional Japanese hanging scrolls lead by Denise Laurin at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.



Living Creatively sponsors three types of art presentations. Presentations are offered in-person or live on Zoom. 

1) Topics in Art History

2) Art Demos

3) Creativity Talks 


Art Presentations 

  • Against All Odds: Women in Art History

  • Art and Ethics

  • Sweet Home Chicago: An International Architectural Gem

  • Early Christian Art (Christmas/Easter program)

  • East Meets West: Cross Cultural Influences

  • History of Fashion in Art

  • From Oppression to Free Expression: The Black Experience in Visual Art (February Program)

  • Happy Birthday, Leonardo daVinci (April program)

  • Secrets of the Sistine

  • The Global Present: A Look at Contemporary Art

  • The Last Supper

  • The Many Ways to Look at Art

  • 20th Century Isms

  • Ukiyo-e: Images of the Floating World

  • Visions of Love (February Program)

  • What IS a Masterpiece?

  • What’s My Style? Recognizing Art Styles throughout Time (Series)

Art Demos

  • Drawing in Graphite

  • Drawing in Charcoal Pencil

  • Painting the Portrait in Oil

  • Using Gold Leaf

  • Acrylic Collage Techniques

  • Traditional Japanese Scroll-making

  • Watercolor Butterfly

  • Watercolor Dragonfly


Creativity Talks

  • Making Creativity a Priority in Everyday Life

  • Expanding Personal Creativity through Mind-mapping

  • Living Creatively GPS: Creative goal setting for the New Year


90-minute presentation selected from the above list: Zoom: $75 In-Person: $100

Demos: An art project reflecting the content of the art history presentation can be added for an additional fee. Presentations with creative projects are limited to no more than 20 participants. Materials are additional.

Please Note: Denise Laurin has twenty years experience as an artist and college-level professor. She holds an M.A. in Art History, a B.A. in Studio Art and Art History, and is recognized as an Advanced Communicator by Toastmasters International.




Secrets of the Sistine
October 18, 2021

Hanover Township Senior Center, Bartlett, IL

From Oppression to Free Expression: The Black Experience in Visual Art
October 5, 2021

Benedictine University, Lisle, IL

History of Fashion in Art
October 6, 2021

Arlington Heights Senior Center, Arlington Heights, IL

Bunny Drawing Basics and Beyond Bunny Drawing Basics
July 23, 24, 2021

Peacebunny Cottage, Savage, MN

Envisioning Possibilities for a Transformed Career
June 15, 2021

Self-Employment in the Arts

Via Zoom

Chicago: An International Architectural Gem 
May 24, 2021

Hanover Township

Via Zoom

The Last Supper 
April 12, 2021

Hanover Township

Via Zoom

A Closer Look: Kara Walker 
April 8, 2021

Benedictine University

Via Zoom

Getting to WOW! Portfolio Q & A
March 20, 2021

Self-Employment in the Arts

Via Zoom

Cultivating Creativity 
March 15, 2021

Self-Employment in the Arts

Via Zoom

Romantic Visions of Love (Art History)
February 8, 2021

Hanover Township

Via Zoom