Art Presentations

Participants at a workshop on constructing traditional Japanese hanging scrolls lead by Denise Laurin at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.



Living Creatively with Denise Laurin sponsors three types of presentations. Currently presentations are live on Zoom and will be available in person after the COVID 19 pandemic:
1) Topics in
Contemporary Art  and Art History 

2) Drawing, Painting, Gold Leaf and Paper Arts Demonstrations

3) Creativity Talks and Exercises designed to stimulate employees to heightened productivity and positivity

Art Presentations: If you are in charge of planning special events for your business or organization, consider an engaging and easy to understand presentation on a topic of your choice.


A sampling of topics includes:

Studio Skills:

  • Drawing in Graphite

  • Drawing in Charcoal Pencil

  • Painting the Portrait in Oil

  • Gold Leaf

  • Acrylic Collage Techniques

  • Traditional Japanese Scroll-making

Art Appreciation:

  • The Many Ways to Look at Art

  • The Language of Art and How to "Speak" It

  • Imaginary Journeys to Monet's Giverny, Ancient Egypt, Mayan Ruins, Chicago's World Columbian Exhibition and other destinations

  • Black Artists Matter

  • Geometry, the Fibonacci Spiral and Islamic Art

  • The Floating World of Japanese Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints

  • Topics in Non-Western Art and Ancient Art including African, Native-American, and Mesoamerican

  • Topics in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art

  • Chicago: A Unique Architectural Jewel

  • Fashion through the Lens of Art

  • Dance and Movement in Art

  • Color in Art

  • Art and Physics

  • What's New in Contemporary Art

  • Focus on Specific Artists such as Leonardo or Monet, and many others

  • What's My Style? Learn to Recognize Artistic Styles Across Time

  • Women in Art History


  • Making Creativity a Priority in Everyday Life

  • Expanding Personal Creativity through Mind-mapping


60-minute art presentation honorarium: $150*


Includes the preparation of entertaining, customized content and visuals developed customized to your group of up to fifty participants.


Demos: An art project reflecting the content of the art history presentation can be added for an additional fee. Presentations with creative projects are limited to no more than 20 participants. Materials are additional.

Please Note: Denise Laurin holds an M.A. in Art History, a B.A. in Studio Art, twenty years experience in the graphic design field, and eighteen years experience teaching art on the college level. She is recognized as an Advanced Communicator by Toastmasters International.

*Negotiable for non-profit organizations



Past Public Lectures


Envisioning Possibilities for a Transformed Career

June 15, 2021

Self-Employment in the Arts

Via Zoom

Chicago Architecture (Art History)
May 24, 2021

Hanover Township

Via Zoom

The Last Supper (Art History)
April 12, 2021

Hanover Township

Via Zoom

A Closer Look: Kara Walker (Art History)
April 8, 2021

Benedictine University

Via Zoom

Getting to WOW! Portfolio Q & A
March 20, 2021

Self-Employment in the Arts

Via Zoom

Cultivating Creativity 
March 15, 2021

Self-Employment in the Arts

Via Zoom

African-American Art:
from Oppression to Free Expression

(Art History)
February 23, 2021

Benedictine University

Via Zoom

Romantic Visions of Love (Art History)
February 8, 2021

Hanover Township

Via Zoom

History of Fashion in Art
October 5, 2020

Hanover Township

Via Zoom

Visual Arts Happy Hour
September 17, 2020

DuPage Arts Foundation

Via Zoom

COVID-19 Artist Series: How Artists Are Coping
July 16, 2020

Self Employment in the Arts

Via Be Live

Against All Odds: Women
Who Triumphed in the Male-Dominated
World of Art

June 2020

Hanover Township Center

Via Zoom

Happy Birthday, Leonardo!
April 2020

Hanover Township Center

Via Zoom

Getting to WOW! Portfolio Design;
Mini Keynote: How to Thrive

February 2020

Self Employment in the Arts

Columbia College

Gold Leaf Demo

May 2019

Midwest Collage Society

Getting to WOW! Portfolio Design

February 2019

Self Employment in the Arts

Traditional Japanese Scroll-Making Workshop

August 2018

Midwest Collage Society

Traditional Japanese Scroll-Making Workshop

March 17 and April 21, 2013

MoMA Education Center

New York City, NY


Best Practices for Cultivating Creativity

October 2011

Creativity Coaching Association Bi-Annual Conference

Lake George, NY


Who Does She Think She IS?

September 2010

Panelist on Women and Creativity

Momasphere, Brooklyn, NY


Living Creatively

May 8, 2008

Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago

Mart Center Plaza, Chicago, IL


Infusing Creativity and Passion
in Our Business Ventures

April 21, 2008

Women’s Business Network

North Central College, Naperville, IL


Make a Great Living Creatively

February 21, 2008

Self-Employment in the Arts,

8th Annual SEA Conference

Lisle, IL


Make a Great Living Creatively

October 9, 2007

The Chicago Creative Coalition

Chicago, IL


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