Participants at a workshop on constructing traditional Japanese hanging scrolls lead by Denise Laurin-Donatelle at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.



Art Presentations and Demos

Would you like to take a journey into the intrigue surrounding the masterpieces of art history or delve into the fascinating, sometimes confounding, world of contemporary art?


Art Presentations: If you are in charge of planning special events for your business or organization, or if you are a classroom teacher, consider an engaging and easy to understand presentation on an art topic of your choice given by Denise Laurin-Donatelle, M.A., Art History.


A sampling of topics includes:


  • The Many Ways to Look at Art

  • Making Creativity a Priority in Every Day Life

  • The Language of Art and How to "Speak" It

  • Imaginary Journeys to Monet's Giverny, Ancient Egypt, Mayan Ruins,
      The White City and other destinations

  • Geometry, the Fibonacci Spiral and Islamic Art

  • The Floating World of Japanese Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints

  • Topics in Non-Western Art and Ancient Art

  • Topics in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art

  • Sweet Home Chicago – A Unique Architectural Jewel

  • Fashion through the Lens of Art

  • Dance and Movement in Art

  • Color in Art

  • Art and Physics

  • You Call This Art? Exploring New Forms in Contemporary Art

  • Focus on Specific Artists such as daVinci and Monet

  • What's My Style? Learn to Recognize Artistic Style

  • and much more!


45-minute art presentation: $75 honorarium


Includes the preparation of entertaining, customized content and visuals developed just for your group of up to fifty participants.


Demos: An art project reflecting the content of the art history presentation can be added for an additional fee of $50. Presentations with creative projects are limited to no more than
20 participants. Materials are additional.


Demos in drawing, oil painting, pastel, acrylic collage techniques, paper arts are also available.


Please Note: Denise Laurin-Donatelle is recognized as an Advanced Communicator by Toastmasters International.



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