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Bunny Drawing Workshop!

                                           Meet the adorable comfort bunnies at                                                            Peacebunny Cottage in Savage, MN. During the                                              four-hour session, students will interact with                                                  actual bunnies and then learn to draw a rabbit                                                realistically with graphite from reference photos                                              and from live rabbit "models." Friday July 23,
                                           4-8 PM and Saturday July 24, 4-8 PM. $25 per session.
   To register, click on the button at right. Scroll down to find Peacebunny Cottage Events. Click on that and then scroll down for the two drawing sessions.

It's Never too Early!

PORTRAIT COMMISSIONS  If you would like to commission a portrait as an heirloom Holiday gift, now is the time to do it. Portraits take a minimum of six months to complete, so inquire today. Click COMMISSIONS for more information.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for lessons, tutorials and other items from our shop. Click on the shop button to explore!

Gift Certificates 

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